help a girl out

Earlier this year (or late last?) BNL released a package of mix tracks for fans to do their own versions of some songs. Does someone (Jeffro? Hypo? AM?) have those around still? I have something I want to try with Garage Band and I figured it would be easiest to start with something I know well.


IMDb Name Game 2

Still a couple of people yet to get on the first game. I added a couple of hints, hopefully they will help.

And now for today's game...

Below is a list of 30 actors and actresses. Your task is to list what IMDb associates with them as what I'll call their "signature role". Post a comment with your guess, if you get it right, I'll reveal. You are not allowed to search the IMDb for the answers (at least not before you make a guess) unless you want to recuse yourself from that particular name. Also, if you list a guess that has sequels, I'll need the full name for your guess. And also, please, one guess at a time per name.

Also, you may notice some patterns to the names, that was only because that was how I chose who I'd include, it doesn't necessarily reveal anything about the answers.

  1. Dan Aykroyd: The Blues Brothers (i_iambe)
  2. Steve Carell: The 40 Year Old Virgin (i_iambe)
  3. Dana Carvey: Wayne's World (becky11)
  4. Chevy Chase: ??? (Not: Fletch, National Lampoon's Vacation)
  5. Stephen Colbert: The Colbert Report (letters_to_ed)
  6. Billy Crystal: ??? (Not: When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, Analyze This, Analyze That)
  7. Robert Downey Jr.: ??? (Not: Chaplin, Less Than Zero, Ally McBeal, The Pick-Up Artist)
  8. Jimmy Fallon: ??? (Not: Fever Pitch, SNL)
  9. Chris Farley: Tommy Boy (massbnlfan)
  10. Will Ferrell: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (letters_to_ed)
  11. Tina Fey: Mean Girls (as Writer) (owlmoose)
  12. Janeane Garofalo: Ratatouille (owlmoose)
  13. Anthony Michael Hall: Edward Scissorhands (i_iambe)
  14. Phil Hartman: Jingle All The Way (thehypo)
  15. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: ??? (Not: Seinfeld)
  16. Norm MacDonald: ??? (Not: Norm)
  17. Steve Martin: ??? (Not: LA Story, The Jerk, Parenthood)
  18. Michael McKean: This Is Spinal Tap (owlmoose)
  19. Tracy Morgan: ??? (Not: 30 Rock)
  20. Eddie Murphy: Shrek (i_iambe)
  21. Bill Murray: Lost in Translation (owlmoose)
  22. Mike Myers: Shrek (becky11)
  23. Cheri Oteri: ???
  24. Chris Rock: ??? (Not: Dogma)
  25. Adam Sandler: ??? (Not: The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, 8 Crazy Nights, 50 First Dates)
  26. Sarah Silverman: ???
  27. Molly Shannon: ??? (Not: Superstar)
  28. Martin Short: ??? (Not: Father of the Bride)
  29. David Spade: ??? (Not: Black Sheep)
  30. Damon Wayans: ??? (Not: White Chicks, In Living Color)

New Game: IMDb Names!

Okay, once upon a time I made a lot of music memes - name the song for the lyric or song snippet. And then I stopped. But I did a search for something on IMDb recently that suggested a whole new meme.

If you search for a person without their complete name, the IMDb will give you a list of possible matches. To help you figure out which person matches, they give you one feature on which they have worked in the past. Sometimes, the answer isn't what you would expect.

As an example, if you look up Quentin Tarantino, his feature is "Actor, Pulp Fiction"

So, below is a list of 20 actors and actresses. Your task is to list what IMDb associates with them as what I'll call their "signature role". Post a comment with your guess, if you get it right I'll reveal. You are not allowed to search the IMDb for the answers (at least not before you make a guess) and if you were in the car when we developed this game, you must recuse yourself for any actors that appear in this list that you know the answer to.

Also, you may notice some patterns to the names, that was only because that was how I chose who I'd include, it doesn't necessarily reveal anything about the answers.

  1. Jennifer Aniston: ??? Hint: You don't actually see her in the movie. (Not: The Good Girl, The Break-Up, Office Space, Along Came Polly, Object of My Affection, Bruce Almighty, Rumor Has It)
  2. Drew Barrymore: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (i_iambe)
  3. Sandra Bullock: Crash (maa3120)
  4. George Clooney: Ocean's Eleven (owlmoose)
  5. Courteney Cox: Scream (owlmoose)
  6. Cameron Diaz: Shrek (thehypo)
  7. Lisa Kudrow: Analyze This (thehypo)
  8. Angela Lansbury: Beauty and the Beast (dana7880)
  9. Matt LeBlanc: Charlie's Angels (letters_to_ed)
  10. Tommy Lee Jones: Men in Black (grue23)
  11. Lucy Liu: Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (thehypo)
  12. Edward Norton: Fight Club (dana7880)
  13. Matthew Perry: The Whole Nine Yards (dana7880)
  14. Brad Pitt: Se7en (thehypo)
  15. Julia Roberts: Erin Brockovich (i_iambe)
  16. David Schwimmer: Madagascar (owlmoose)
  17. Will Smith: Independence Day (i_iambe)
  18. Kiefer Sutherland: ??? Hint: movie released post 2000 (Not: The Lost Boys, River Queen, Flatliners)
  19. Bruce Willis: The Sixth Sense (dana7880)
  20. Reese Witherspoon: Walk the Line (dana7880)

Moose Day Tea anyone?

I suddenly realized that Thanksgiving is next week. Never mind that I don't have anything to do for Turkey Day and it's kind of late to get plane tickets to fly home, I also didn't plan anything for Moose Day! (always the day after Thanksgiving) Traditional celebration is high tea somewhere nice. Anyone want to join me? I'll make some reservations.

(no subject)

at the sharp end of the view
the edge of me and you
in all good sense dare tread no further
and as the ghost will shiver trees
how I'm trembling on my knees
but I'm still drawn on by the murmur

are you laughing at me now?
in my circumstance
when I still wear your crown
my life's penitence for what?
what's so funny?
a box full o' honey

what I thought a pretty tune
was howling at the moon
to keep me company this evening
it's so lonely in the dirt
a-scratching at the hurt
that i so generously did leave you

are you laughing at me now
in my circumstance
when I still I wear your crown
some cruel penitence for what?
what's so funny?
box full o' honey

is she flirting with me now?
oooh, is she dallying with me now?
oooh, are you flirting with me now?
you'll always be my queen of tumble down
Miss Melancholy
are you laughing at me now?
in my circumstance
when still I wear your crown
and my life's a penitence for what?
what's so funny?
ain't it funny?
a box full o' honey

Nomadic Living

Last week I moved back to Arlington for a while. I was staying at a co-worker/friend's vacant house, but he told me last week that he wants to rip out the kitchen and bathroom over Thanksgiving. Since I kind of like to eat and shower, and usually need to pee, I decided to see what else I could find. Because I am still planning a more permanent, more distant relocation that seems to be taking longer to push through than I had hoped, I looked for something short-term. And lucked into a great apartment. The owner bought a house and remodeled to flip it as condos in the wrong market. So while it isn't moving all that well, she's renting out the units to cover some of her costs.

Now I live right behind the Panera, but in a cruel twist of fate, my landlord permanently closed the back gate out of safety concerns. So I have to walk the long way to get bagels and salads.

I did a bunch of moving over the weekend, and also a bunch of baking for my last Breast Cancer 3-Day Bake Sale. But I did get internets at home again (don't worry, no addresses actually change). I'm still not all that settled, but I bring Mough home tonight and I slept there last night and I overslept this morning and still got to work plenty early. So nice to have the good commute again.

These feets were made for walkin'

This weekend was my longest training weekend for my 3-Day walk: 18 miles and 15 miles.

On Saturday, I drove to Bedford and walked the Minuteman Path toward Cambridge. I like it because it's helpfully marked and because there are plenty of places to stop for bathrooms and supplies. 9 miles down put me just past Arlington Center near Spy Pond. I turned around and then stopped at the coffeeshop that used to be Carberry's. I was happy to see that they just seemed to have changed names, my favorite cinnamon pastry was there. The path was full of people because it was a gorgeous day and I passed all kinds of people exercising and enjoying the day. The weirdest sight: a woman I passed with 2 cats in a Kitty Jogger. One cat looked into it, one cat looked tortured.

I made it through the whole 18 miles, although the last 2 were absolute torture. I was starting to wonder how I might get someone to come rescue me. I was certain I was doing serious damage to myself somewhere. When I finally, blessedly, reached the car, I just put the seat back and lay there for about 30 minutes before I could do anything else.

On Sunday, I slept in some and wasn't certain I could actually make it out. But I finally forced my shoes on and got going. I took a big path around my town which I thought was 6 miles, the idea being that home would be a pit stop. When I made it home the first time, I discovered that the loop was actually 7.2 miles. I sat and rested a bit, and then I headed out in the opposite direction. I discovered that my path changes elevation by about 200ft, nearly 150 ft in about 1 mile. When I got back after the second loop, I decided to call it quits - I figured the hill climbing efforts made up for the .6 miles shy I was from my goal. Sights I saw included dogs behind invisible fences (very weird to encounter), a smallpox cemetery, and much road kill. I wasn't in as much agony as the previous day, but I didn't do much more than sit on my ass the rest of the day.

But I did fetch Mough, who is now living with me. He didn't appreciate the ride from Watertown (where ExScott lives) to Clinton, but he sure purred a lot while I sat on the couch and caught up with Earl (the imagination episode was a riot - I'm not sure whether I like Randy's story better or Crabman's song) and watched the Top Chef 3 reunion episode (I did _not_ need to see Hung's morning wood!).

I slept in today, but I'm only a little stiff. It doesn't hurt to sit, and transitioning between sitting and walking hurts a bit, but quickly dissipates. Today I booked my plane tickets and a hotel for my last night, after the walk ends. The hotel said they are having booking issues because of the wildfires. I was able to get a room through Expedia, but now I'm wondering if the Walk will be safe!